Syrian Army Establishes Control over Terrorists' Important Stronghold in Douma near Damascus

Syrian Army Establishes Control over Terrorists' Important Stronghold in Douma near Damascus
Thu Jul 28, 2016 16:42:13

The Syrian army regained control of one of the terrorists' most important strongholds in the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus after killing tens of Takfiri militants and injuring dozens more.

The Syrian army's special units fully liberated the strategic town of Housh al-Farah, located 6km of Eastern Douma and in the Western side of the key town of Mide'a.

A field source said on Thursday that the army attacked Housh al-Farah town from Mide'a side and killed tens of terrorists who had arrived in Douma to repel the army's attacks and prevent the city's fall (which is considered as one of Jeish al-Islam terrorist group's main strongholds). The remaining terrorists fled to the adjacent farms.

The source added that liberation of Housh al-Farah paves the ground for surrounding the terrorists in Tal al-Kurdi and the nearby areas.

Military sources said on Wednesday that the Syrian army and its allies, supported by the air force, advanced in the Eastern parts of Damascus, adding that airstrikes against the terrorists in Western Ghouta still continue.

The sources said that Housh al-Farah region in Eastern Ghouta was the scene of clashes between the army forces and the terrorists on Wednesday.

They added that the army has made remarkable advance in Housh al-Farah from the two sides of Brigade 39 and al-Moqtabal regions.

"The Syrian troops limited the terrorists-controlled areas to Syriatel building and square, a mosque and a number of houses, the sources and then captured these regions in an offensive supported by air backup," the sources added.

Also in Western Ghouta, the Syrian fighters launched airstrikes on the terrorists' positions which still continue, FNA reported.


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