Syrian Democratic Forces Repel ISIL Offensive in Manbij

Syrian Democratic Forces Repel ISIL Offensive in Manbij
Wed Jul 27, 2016 16:35:27

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have foiled ISIL's attacks on their strongholds in the Southern side of the town of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo.

The SDF fighters fended off ISIL's assaults near the village of Eilan.

The ISIL left behind at least 12 dead members dead and several more wounded ones and pulled back the remaining pockets of it forces from the battlefield.

In the meantime, the SDF fighters launched a rapid counter-attack and targeted two ISIL's vehicles and bases in the Southern flank of Eilan, claiming the lives of all terrorists inside the vans.

Local sources said on Tuesday that ISIL terrorists were planting a large number of bombs and landmines in Manbij's houses, shops, schools and other public places to detonate them while retreating from their positions.

"ISIL forced us to leave our houses in Central Manbij and moved us toward the neighborhood of al-Kajli, and then planted a large number of bombs in our houses and shops," the sources said.

"We were under the siege of ISIL terrorists in al-Kajli for at least a month. ISIL's snipers would shoot those who tried to scape their captivity," they further added.

At least 60 residents of Manbij were in a cellar for almost four days without drinking water and food, until the SDF fighters saved them; FNA reported.


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