Terrorist’s Sabotage Attack Damaged Syrian Capital Main Water Supply Line

Terrorist’s Sabotage Attack Damaged Syrian Capital Main Water Supply Line
Mon Jul 25, 2016 22:55:32

In a sabotage attack in Damascus, Terrorist groups have blown up the main pipeline supplying water to the Syrian capital, leaving millions of civilians in dire need for water.

“Terrorist groups on Sunday blew up Barada line which supplies Damascus city with water through Ain al-Fijah springs, making it out of service completely,” Director of Damascus Water Department Hussam Hreidin was quoted by Syrian state news agency as saying.

Hreidin said that the department is working round the clock, taking all necessary measures to ensure the damage fixed as soon as possible.

Local sources said militants outside the town of Ain al-Fijah cut off the main water pipeline to Damascus in order to hinder the Syrian Army’s military operations in the area.

Ain Al-Fijah, located 25 km to the Southwest of Damascus, contains the Ain al-Fijah springs considered as the main source of Damascus’ drinking water.

This is not the first time that terrorists damage the pipeline. Last year, during the fasting holy month of Ramadan, the capital experienced several deadly water shortages as terrorists cut the water supplies to Damascus; FNA reported.


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