Daesh Brutally Beheads 23 Iraqi Youth over Spying Charges: Iraqi Military Says

Daesh Brutally Beheads 23 Iraqi Youth over Spying Charges: Iraqi Military Says
Mon Jul 25, 2016 14:07:27

The Iraqi military sources disclosed that the ISIL terrorists executed nearly two dozen young residents of the city of Mosul in Nineveh province.

"At least 23 Iraqi teenagers from Al Namroud and Al Salamiyeh regions were arrested and beheaded by the ISIL (Islamic State , ISIS , ISIL , IS and Daesh) on charges of cooperating with Iraqi security forces and providing them with intelligence," Iraqi Army's Colonel Abdelkarim al-Sabawi said on Monday.

He noted that the barbaric killing came after the Iraqi joint military forces voiced their readiness to recapture Mosul city.

In a relevant development earlier in July, the ISIL executed five civilians in Eastern Iraq and seven others in the Northeastern parts of the country on charges of assisting people to flee the ISIL-held regions.

The ISIL-affiliated websites released some photos about execution of five men, including Sheikh of the village of Bou Khiyal, from al-Ezzah tribe in al-Adhim region in Baqubah.

The entire five killed civilian had been kidnapped by the ISIS forces a week ago.

In the meantime, a security source in Kirkuk province disclosed that the ISIL beheaded seven civilians in front of people in open area in the village of Sadr al-Nahr in the town of Huweija in Southwestern side of Kirkuk on charge of assisting people to flee the province towards Salahuddin province and Pishmarga-held region, FNA reports.

Also in June, ISIL terrorist group executed the person the group installed as the governor of Fallujah for escaping the Iraqi Western city after Baghdad's security forces attacked there.

The Iraqi media outlets reported that the ISIL’s wali of Fallujah, Abu Hajar Isawi, retreated from Fallujah to Mosul where ISIL executed him in public, charging him with evading his responsibilities.

Nevertheless, he was one of the ISIL prominent leaders.


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