Syrian Army Offensive Kills 30 Nusra Front Militants in Daraa City

Syrian Army Offensive Kills 30 Nusra Front Militants in Daraa City
Thu Jul 21, 2016 18:28:18

The Syrian army units targeted the fortifications and gathering centers of al-Nusra Front terrorists East of Khazan al-Karak in Dara'a al-Balad area in Dara'a city, killing a dozen of them and destroying their weapons and ammunition.

An army unit killed members of al-Nusra terrorist group as they were involved in monitoring operations, while 20 more terrorists were killed or injured in army operations in al-Nazihin Camp and al-Matahen in Dara'a al-Balad.

The army also eliminated a gathering center of al-Nusra terrorists in al-Dahdah Farm and in the Eastern quarter of Busra al-Sham city. A mortar position and several rocket launchers were destroyed in the operations.

The Syrian army forces also destroyed a position for the terrorist groups, along with the weapons and equipment inside it, in the West of Tal al-Za'atar on al-Yadouda road in the Western countryside of Dara'a province.

Also, on Wednesday, the Syrian military forces' anti-terrorism offensives on the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front's positions in two regions in the Eastern territories of Dara'a inflicted major losses and heavy casualties on the Takfiri militants.

The army men struck al-Nusra's concentration centers and gatherings in Wadi al-Zeidi region and the village of Jamrin both in Eastern Dara'a, which left scores of the militants dead or wounded.

In the meantime, al-Nusra's military vehicle carrying several militants was targeted by the Syrian army men in Wadi al-Zeidi, leaving most of them dead or wounded.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian army aircraft severely pounded ISIL's military positions and gathering centers in a key region in Southwestern Dara'a.

The Syrian fighter jets bombed heavily ISIL's strongholds near the village of al-Shajareh in Howz al-Yarmouk region, which ended in the killing of at least 16 militants and wounding of several more.


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