Turkey Coup WhatsApp Messages Reveal Orders to Fire at Crowds

Turkey Coup WhatsApp Messages Reveal Orders to Fire at Crowds
Tue Jul 19, 2016 18:27:40

Istanbul prosecutor's office has compiled series of messages between pro-coup officers apparently sent on evening of July 15

Mobile phone messages between pro-coup officers appear to reveal they ordered the shooting of people resisting the July 15 coup attempt.

As part of the investigation into the thwarted coup attempt, the Istanbul Prosecutor Office has compiled a series of WhatsApp messages between pro-coup officers, apparently sent on the evening of July 15.

Documents seen by Anadolu Agency appear to show that military officers in Istanbul were told - and ordered - to shoot at crowds resisting the coup. The messages then seem to translate a sense of panic after it becomes apparent that the coup has failed.

In one instance, Lt. Col. Muzaffer Duzenli appears to order his subordinates to open fire as crowds amass.

“Repeat. Transmit. Open fire to disperse crowds,” Duzenli says in one of the WhatsApp messages shown to Anadolu Agency.

It is unclear, from the messages, where exactly the officers are stationed in Istanbul, Anadolu reported.


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