85 Turkey Admirals Charged of Involvement in Coup Attempt

85 Turkey Admirals Charged of Involvement in Coup Attempt
Tue Jul 19, 2016 18:27:31

Turkish courts ordered 85 generals and admirals jailed pending trial over their roles in a failed coup attempt as dozens of others were still being questioned.

Those who were formally arrested include former air force commander Gen. Akin Ozturk, alleged to be the ringleader of the July 15 uprising, and Gen. Adem Hududi, commander of Turkey's 2nd Army which its main responsibility is defending Turkey against external threats, Anadolu reported.

Ozturk, however, has denied the allegation, saying he neither planned nor directed the coup, according to Anadolu.

Authorities have rounded up thousands alleged to have been involved in the coup, which killed more than two hundreds of government supporters and 24 coup plotters. The government says a US-based cleric was behind the coup. Thousands of officials suspected of links to him were purged from the judiciary and the Interior Ministry, FNA reported.


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