VIDEO: Syrian Army Retakes Strategic Kinsibba at Latakia Border with Turkey

Sat Jul 16, 2016 21:27:01

The Syrian Army troops, in a large-scale offensive, forced the terrorist groups back from their positions near Kinsibba in Northern Latakia and took full control over the small but key town, military sources confirmed minutes ago.

"The Syrian Desert Hawks forces and navy commandoes attacked on defense lines of the terrorist groups from six fronts in the Southern, Southeastern and Southwestern flanks of Kinsibba," the sources said.

"The Syrian military forces at first liberated the villages of Shillif, Toubal, Ra'as al-Hossein, al-Raqem, Ruweisa al-Kaniseh, Wadi Basour and the entire heights around these villages, then they stormed the positions of terrorists near Kinsibba and captured the town in short-time but tough battle," the sources added.

"The Syrian government forces are now fortifying their positions in the Northern, Northeastern and Northwestern sides of the town," the sources went on to say, adding, "Last night coup in Turkey has decreased Ankara-backed terrorist groups across Northern Syria."

Reports said on Sunday, the Syrian military forces continued to push militant groups back from more strongholds in Northern Latakia and captured three strategic positions in the mountainous region.

The Syrian government forces stormed defense lines of militant groups in the Southern side of the key town of Kinsibba and forced the terrorists to retreat from the Forts of shillif and Toubal and the passage of Basour.

The militant groups suffered a heavy death toll and their militant hardware sustained major damage in the attacks, FNA reported.

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