Leaked Photos: What Happened to Girls on Saudi Prince's Ship!

Leaked Photos: What Happened to Girls on Saudi Prince's Ship!
Thu Jul 14, 2016 13:26:41

CNN Turkish Network released photos of Saudi Prince in a luxury ship with dozen of half-naked girl escorted him.

"Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz," Saudi Prince rented a luxury ship with a length of 85 meters on his trip to Turkey. He had taken "Ten pretty girls" in addition to those were around him to the ship. Nawaf and his entourages began water sports and dancing along with the girls.

Renting a luxury ship in Turkey is what many Saudi princes do. Of course, they often do this with fake names, especially names of English, done.

"CNN Turkish", also pointed out that Prior Muhammad bin Salman, the successor to the Saudi crown, had a secret trip to Turkey.

It added that, unlike Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz, who was traveling with his bodyguard, resort of bin Salman and his companions were surrounded by heavy security, CNN reported.




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