Terrorists Using Cluster Bombs Against Civilians in Aleppo: Syrian Commander

Terrorists Using Cluster Bombs Against Civilians in Aleppo: Syrian Commander
Tue Jul 12, 2016 15:33:15

A senior Syrian army commander revealed that the terrorist groups have shelled residential areas in Aleppo city with cluster munitions.

"The terrorists have targeted the Aleppo city with missiles which contain prohibited cluster bombs in residential areas, including al-Wahda University, al-Maridian district in the Southern parts of Issa hospital, Bouza al-Shafi and Forqan district which killed 50 people and injured 250 others," Kamal al-Jolfa, also a military analyst, told FNA on Tuesday.

He also revealed the US supply of weapons and equipment to the al-Nusra Front terrorist group, and said despite the direct involvement of Turkistan Islamic Party in support of al-Nusra Front and commanding the operations by the foreigners, including the Saudi and Turkish officers, all attempts to block the Syrian army's advance in Aleppo have failed.

"The Syrian army has surrounded tens of terrorist groups in the Eastern parts of Aleppo which includes their facilities, workshops, operations rooms, arms caches and government and private plants that are a source of income for the terrorists," Jolfa said.

Meantime, the Takfiri terrorists who have been besieged by the Syrian government forces in the city of Aleppo called on their comrades in other parts of Syria on Monday to rush to their aide.

"The militants in Aleppo city have called on other militants fighting against the Syrian army to fight more vigorously in order to lessen the existing pressure on them who are under the government troops' siege," sources close to the militant groups announced on Monday.

The terrorists who are besieged in Aleppo city are doing their best to free themselves form the government forces' siege.

On Monday, the terrorist groups hit the residential areas in different pars of Aleppo province with tens of missiles.

Around 300 missiles were fired by the terrorists on the Aleppo city's districts of al-Maridian, al-Mashareqeh, al-Mahafezeh, Esmayeeliyeh, Bostan al-Zahreh, Siran al-Qadim, Soleymanieh, al-Martinim, Mislon, al-Jamiliya, Old Manshiya and the surrounding areas of Sa'ad Allah al-Jaberi Square and Bab al-Faraj in Aleppo province.

Many civilians were wounded and several of them were also killed in the terrorists' missile attacks.

Meantime, several houses caught fire across Aleppo city as a result of missile attacks, specially in old Serian district.

The terrorists who have been besieged in the Aleppo city center have launched massive attacks on the Syrian army positions in different parts of the city, including al-Hal market, Old Aleppo and other parts of the city.

The Syrian army and resistance forces managed to control the situation after the missile attacks by the terrorists and foil the terrorists' operations, FNA reported.


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