55 Prisoners Including Former Commanders Escaped Al-Nusra Front's Custody to Turkey

55 Prisoners Including Former Commanders Escaped Al-Nusra Front's Custody to Turkey
Sun Jul 10, 2016 16:21:10

Tens of prisoners held by Al-Nusra Front terrorist group fled from Idlib province to Turkey.

A sum of 55 terrorists of Al-Nusra Front's 'Aqab al-Nasravi' jail in Idlib province escaped to Turkey on Sunday.

Several former commanders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), including Abu Ghazi, could be seen among the escapees.

On Tuesday, a senior commander of Al-Nusra Front terrorist group in Qalamoun region in Damascus countryside was killed in tough battle with the Syrian army on Thursday.

Abu Obeideh, Al-Nusra Front's top commander in Sarqaya was killed in Qalamoun region earlier today.

Scores of Al-Nusra Front terrorists were killed and wounded in fierce clashes with the Syrian government forces.

On Sunday, 31 militants of the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front were killed and many more were wounded in the Syrian fighter jets' heavy bombardments in Eastern Qalamoun.

The Syrian warplanes, in a fresh round of combat sorties, targeted positions of al-Nusra Front near the town of Jayroud, where a Syrian Air Force's pilot was captured and killed by the militant groups.

The ISIS military equipment also sustained major damage in attacks, FNA reported.


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