SDF Continues Advances Against ISIL in Manbij

SDF Continues Advances Against ISIL in Manbij
Sat Jul 9, 2016 15:31:09

ISIL terrorists have continued their retreat from Manbij as Syrian Democratic Forces have succeeded to capture more lands in the key neighborhoods of the town and have inflicted heavy losses on terrorists.

"The SDF fighters' anti-terrorism operation in al-Hazaveneh neighborhood inflicted tens of casualties on ISIL," the sources said, adding that the SDF has seized over 60 percent of the neighborhoods without the coalition forces' air support.

In relevant developments on Friday, the SDF repelled ISIL's offensives to break the siege on the town of Manbij, and killed at least a hundred militants.

"Over 100 ISIL fighters were killed as their forces were pushed back by the SDF fighters to Jubb al-Katashil, a village South of Manbij," the sources said, adding, "The ISIL military hardware also sustained major losses in the unsuccessful attacks; FNA reported.


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