VIDEO: Syrian Army Takes Control over More Positions near Lattakia Border with Turkey

Fri Jul 8, 2016 18:53:30

Terrorist groups of al-Turkistani, Free Syrian Army and other al-Qaeda-affiliated groups have been beaten back from the Southern side of Kinsibba in Northern Lattakia, battlefield on Friday after several hours of heavy fighting.

"The Syrian Army has now captured Shillif hilltop and Toubal Castle South of Kinsibba and gained the high ground against the militants," sources said.

"Militant groups suffered a heavy death toll and retreated from the battlefield," they added.

Earlier reports said that there has been fierce exchange of missile and artillery fire between the Syrian army and terrorists near Shillif hilltop close to Kinsibba.

"The Syrian troops, mainly comprised of the Desert Hawks, the Syrian Marines and the Special Forces, are currently storming Shillif hilltop and Toubal Castle in Southern side of Kinsibba," sources said; FNA reported.


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