VIDEO: Military Drills in South China Sea Targets No Country

Wed Jul 6, 2016 19:00:50

China’s ongoing military drill in South China Sea does not target any country in the regions’ dispute, said Chinese military experts on Monday.

Experts from the China’s National Defense Ministry say that it is just a routine military exercise in accordance with the annual plan so it is neither necessary to link it with the arbitration case, nor target at any claimants in the South China Sea disputes, including the Philippines.

If google the PLA South China Sea drills, we will find they hold high profile exercises in the region every year.

Last year the Chinese military held exercises with over 100 warships, aircraft and missiles.

There are also similar drills in 2013 and 2014, according to experts.

Some Chinese military experts say the drills are part of China’s continued efforts to enhance its military capacities for peacekeeping and defending sovereignty.

S/SH 11

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