SHOCKING! 3 YO Forced to Fight ISIS Child Slave BLOWN UP After Playing with Grenade

SHOCKING! 3 YO Forced to Fight ISIS Child Slave BLOWN UP After Playing with Grenade
Tue Jul 5, 2016 14:45:14

A toddler who was taken from his home in Sweden by his mother to fight for the ISIS has died after after playing with a hand grenade.

The boy, three, was forced to fight for the ‘Caliphate Cubs’, the youth wing of ISIS, by his mother.

He was blown up by the hand grenade in an accident which also injured his brother.

The toddler was taken by his mother to fight for the so-called caliphate at the age of two, according to reports on TV network SVT.

The blood-thirsty terror cult use child soldiers as part of their propaganda, trying to lure more families to join their cause.

Sweden has reportedly lost 60 children to the death cult, where they are taken by their parents and smuggled into ISIS territory.

The toddler’s death follows a period of increasing pressure from coalition forces, just a week after losing their Fallujah stronghold and hundreds of soldiers in a raid on a fleeing convoy.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has intensified the attack on ISIS forces, committing Russia's most powerful warship in the region to try to finish them off.

ISIS terrorists are reportedly starting to feel the pressure, with the militants being forced to sell sex slaves on Facebook to fund their cause.

Yet ISIS fighters have warned they are plotting further attacks in Europe, to remind their followers "we are still here".

Threats of further attacks follows in a week which has seen three other terror attacks - with 20 dead in Bangladesh, 44 in Istanbul and 131 in Baghdad, Express reportred.


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