ISIS Releases Covert Units Map across the World, Europe Included

ISIS Releases Covert Units Map across the World, Europe Included
Sun Jul 3, 2016 18:30:13

ISIS terrorists have released a horrifying map revealing where they are covertly operating in Europe.

The bloodthirsty fundamentalists – suspected of carrying out the horrific attack on Istanbul airport this week – have released a chilling graphic outlining the terrifying reach of their influence.

A special map, released to mark two years since ISIS declared its so-called caliphate in Syria and Iraq, divides the world into areas of major, medium and covert control.

The depraved death cult – also known as Daesh – claim to exert medium control in countries stretching from Eastern Europe to the Far East.

They include Nigeria – where brutal terror cell Boko Haram is extending its control in the north of the country – as well as war-torn Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen.

And covert units are said to be operating in countries struck by the terrorists in recent months – including France, Turkey and Lebanon.

A bloody spate of terror attacks killed 130 people in Paris in November – just 10 months after Extremist gunmen attacked the offices of magazine Charlie Hebdo.

And bombings killed 43 civilians in the Lebanese capital Beirut just a day earlier.

Tunisia – where 30 British tourists were among 38 killed in a brutal gun massacre at a beachside hotel last June – is also highlighted as an area of covert influence.

The twisted terrorists also claim to exert major control over Iraq and Syria – despite suffering a series of humiliating defeats in recent months.

Earlier this week, ISIS' key Iraqi stronghold of Fallujah fell to government forces in what is being hailed as a turning point in the war against extremists in Iraq, Express reported.


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