Photos Of Evil: The ISIS Scum who Slaughtered 20 Defenceless Diners in Bangladesh Cafe

Photos Of Evil: The ISIS Scum who Slaughtered 20 Defenceless Diners in Bangladesh Cafe
Sun Jul 3, 2016 14:54:40

ISIS has released chilling photographs of its cowardly gunmen who slaughtered 20 defenceless diners in a Bangladesh cafe.

The twisted terrorist published images of the men smiling and holding what appears to be the same gun in front of their group's infamous black flag.

All five are believed the gunmen who stormed a cafe in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka on Friday and killed 22 people in cold blood, including two police officers.

Today the evil terrorists' media arm released the sickening images alongside a statement claiming responsibility for carrying out the massacre of who they called "crusaders".

A rescued hostage told the Bangladeshi Daily Star that the evil militants tortured, before they were eventually gunned down following a 10-hour stand-off with commandos.

Three American college students were amongst the death toll from the slaughter, which came as ISIS continues to suffer crushing defeats in its Syrian and Iraqi heartlands.

Tarishi Jain, a 19-year-old student at the University of California Berkley, was killed during the 10 hour standoff.

Officials at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, also confirmed two of its undergraduates, Abinta Kabir and Faraaz Hossain, were among the dead.

Mr Hossain, who was from Dhaka, graduated from the university’s two-year liberal arts school earlier this year and was heading into the business school in the autumn.

Meanwhile Miss Kabir, just 18, was from Miami but born in Bangladesh.

She traveled to Dhaka earlier this week and planned to spend part of her summer vacation visiting family and friends, according to campus officials.

The teenager went to the café after Iftar, an evening meal Muslims eat during the month of Ramadan, to meet up with friends, her cousin Afsara Adiba said in a Facebook post.

She wrote: “But she didn't come back alive. I just don't get it she and the other people were innocent.”

The twisted Extremist militants targeted the cafe on the last weekend before the Muslim religious festival of Eid al-Fitr.

Dozens of diners were at the cafe, which is popular among foreigners and middle-class Bangladeshis.

Several embassies, including the British High Commission, are situated in the neighbourhood, Express reported.



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