PHOTOS: NASA only TWO Days Away from Discovering Jupiter’s Hidden Secrets

PHOTOS: NASA only TWO Days Away from Discovering Jupiter’s Hidden Secrets
Sun Jul 3, 2016 14:13:16

A NASA spacecraft is less than two days away from going closer to Jupiter than other any spaceship has before.

Juno, which has flown more than 1.7 billion miles since it launched five years ago, will reach the biggest planet in our solar system on Monday.

If the mission succeeds, the NASA spacecraft will be swept into Jupiter's orbit on July 4 and give scientists the most complete data on the planet so far.

Jupiter has remained a little understood planet but this will change once the ship reaches its goal researchers hope.

New Frontiers has overseen the Juno mission and scientist Curt Niebur said: ”Juno is very special because it is one of those rare missions where it is entirely focused on looking inside Jupiter.”, Express

"With the instruments and techniques we are using, we can unzip the planet and really peer inside it and understand what its deepest internal structure is.

"It is a quite beautiful planet and it changes on an hourly basis.”

According to the scientist Jupiter is an "odd planet” and experts are unsure what it really looks like under the clouds.

The planet is 11-times the size of earth in diameter and has four large moons in addition several smaller ones.

Scientists know the planet is covered in gases from previously missions however it is believed Jupiter might have a solid core.

There is currently little proof to back up this theory Mr Niebur said, but he hopes Juno will be able to get solid data that will help unveil Jupiter’s secrets.

NASA’s spacecraft will spend several months gathering information about Jupiter’s magnetic field, as well as measuring levels of various chemicals.

Mr Niebur added: "We are going to be coming in closer than 3,000 kilometers, right to the cloud tops.", Express reported.