Daesh Withdraws from Its Strongholds Southeast of Tishrin Dam

Daesh Withdraws from Its Strongholds Southeast of Tishrin Dam
Sat Jun 25, 2016 15:46:27

In the fresh round of attacks the Syrian Democratic Forces have inflicted serious damages to Daesh positions in Southeast of Tishrin Dam and have pushed Takfiri terrorists back from at least five villages in the region.

The SDF, mainly comprising of Kurdish fighters, inflicted major losses on the Daesh militants and took full control over the villages of Hamdi Sheikh, Khirbet, Afarim, Afesh and Hamoudiyeh and two farms.

Scores of the ISIL were killed or wounded in SDF's attacks and more than 5.3 square kilometers were liberated from the terrorist group.

Reports said earlier today that the SDF fighters continued to advance against the ISIL in the Southern entrance of Manbij and captured more districts of the town after hours of non-stop battle.

"The SDF fighters seized the Southern entrance of Manbij after capturing the nearby Grain Silos from the ISIL)," the sources said, adding, "However, the Syrian Democratic Forces did not stop there; instead, they pushed further North and won back Shariah School, which left scores of the militants dead or wounded;" FNA reported.


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