Syrian Air Force Targets ISIS Positions in Western Raqqa

Syrian Air Force Targets ISIS Positions in Western Raqqa
Thu Jun 23, 2016 21:48:43

Syrian Air Force fighter jets continued to pound ISIS positions in Western Raqqa, striking several ISIS sites along the Salamiyah-Raqqa Highway, military sources said on Thursday.

“The airstrikes by the Syrian Air Force proved highly effective as Syrian Army’s ground forces in Ithriyah were given the necessary reprieve from recent ISIS counter-offensives in the Western regions of Raqqa province,” said the military source at Hama Airport.

The Syrian Air Force jets launched surgical air raids on ISIS’s positions in Albu Allaj village as well as the terrorist group's positions along the Tabaqa-Anbaj and Anbaj-Albu Allaj roads.

A large number of ISIS terrorists, including several foreign combatants, were reportedly killed in the airstrikes.

The aerial attacks go as the Syrian Army continues punishing the ISIS terrorist group with earlier reports saying that the group shelled the Syrian government troops in Southwestern Raqqa with rockets containing nerve gas.

A field source said Syrian Army troops were targeted with hand-made produced rockets loaded with nerve gas agents.

Dozens of soldiers were injured in the chemical attack which seems to be the main reason behind the Syrian army's withdrawal from some Western parts of Raqqa.

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