Al-Qaeda Explosive-Laden Killed Over a Dozen Hadi Loyalists in Yemen Port City

Al-Qaeda Explosive-Laden Killed Over a Dozen Hadi Loyalists in Yemen Port City
Thu Jun 23, 2016 13:37:04

At least 13 forces loyal to Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, Yemen's resigned president, have been killed after al-Qaeda militants blew up explosive-laden vehicles outside the southeastern port city of Mukalla.

Several soldiers were also injured in the Thursday attack on the eastern outskirts of the Hadramawt provincial capital, which the army recaptured from al-Qaeda last month, a military official said.

One bomber rammed an explosive-laden vehicle into the gate of a base in the Khalf district, followed immediately by a second who blew up a car in the center of the camp.

Immediately after the bombings, al-Qaeda militants clashed with soldiers outside the base.

According to the official, a third bomber targeted the nearby residence of the commander of Hadramawt's second military region, General Faraj Salmeen, who escaped unharmed.

Takfiri Daesh militants have reportedly claimed responsibility for the car bomb attack in Mukalla.

The militant group said in an online statement that one of its members had blown himself up in a car near government troops.

Mukalla, the provincial capital of Hadhramaut, fell into al-Qaeda when fighting began two years ago between Hadi loyalists and Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah fighters.

Saudi Arabia has been accused of supporting al-Qaeda through numerous airdrops of ammunition in areas under the control of the militants, especially in areas where it could launch attacks against Houthis, Press TV reported.


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