Daesh Executes Four of Its High-Ranking Leaders in Mosul

Daesh Executes Four of Its High-Ranking Leaders in Mosul
Wed Jun 22, 2016 22:22:10

ISIS takfiri terrorist group has reportedly executed 4 of its leading figures on Wednesday.

The ISIS has reportedly executed 4 of its high-ranking leaders on Wednesday, June 22.

The Iraqi media outlets reported that ISIS Sharia court in Mosul sentenced 4 leaders of the group to death on June 22nd, and the sentence was carried out on the same day in public in the center of the city.

The four ISIS leaders were charged with disobedience because they had reportedly refused to go to war in Shargati area in southern Mosul.

The ISIS militants are currently trying to avoid going to war particularly in their fight against the Iraqi forces due to the inability of the group to resist as it has been drastically weakened.

Earlier on Tuesday, four ISIS terrorists surrendered to the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Tel Skuf area of northern Mosul after they were filled with fear of being targeted either by the airstrikes or the Iraqi forces; ABNA reported.


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