Syrian Forces Repel Terrorists to Penetrate into Army Positions in Southwest of Damascus

Syrian Forces Repel Terrorists to Penetrate into Army Positions in Southwest of Damascus
Tue Jun 21, 2016 15:33:39

The Syrian Army troops pushed Ajnad al-Sham terrorists back from a strategic road in Western Ghouta, inflicting major losses on the terrorists, local sources said.

"Ajnad Al-Sham launched a new offensive inside the strategic town of Darayya to reopen the road between Darayya and Mo’adhamiyeh," the sources said, adding, "At first, Ajnad al-Sham captured 9 points from the Syrian soldiers between Darayya and Mo’adhamiyeh, but the Syrian Armed Forces launched a counter-attack took back the lost 9 points."

"Ajnad al-Sham suffered a heavy death toll, including 2 of the group’s military commanders in the failed attacks," the sources said.

In relevant developments in the province last week, the Syrian military forces engaged in fierce clashes with the terrorist groups in a key town in Western Ghouta, pushing them back from several building blocks.

The Syrian soldiers repelled the terrorist groups' attacks successfully in the town of Darayya and then in a rapid counter-attack forced them to retreat from at least 42 residential building blocks.

The militants, who had breached the ceasefire, left behind scores of the dead and wounded members and fled the battlefront, FNA reported.


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