Sniper Takes out Two ISIS Car Bombers with a Single Shot

Sniper Takes out Two ISIS Car Bombers with a Single Shot
Sun Jun 19, 2016 17:53:58

An SAS sniper took out two ISIS car bombers with a single shot when they were driving towards their target in Libya. The heroic sharpshooter saved hundreds of lives by hitting the driver in the head with a deadly shot from 1,000m.

The terrorists were transporting a massive bomb to Tripoli where they planned to detonate it in a packed market, intelligence revealed.

After the marksmen took out his targets, their white 1990s Mercedes which was travelling at 30mph came to a halt.

Libyan troops, who were working with the SAS on the ambush, then sprayed the car with machine gun fire until it exploded in a raging fireball.

SAS sources are already calling the shot one of the best of all time.

'It was an amazing shot. It wasn't so much about the distance but the fact that it was a moving target,' a source told the Daily Star Sunday.

'If the sniper had missed a lot of people would have lost their lives.'

The source also praised the sharpshooter for his quick-thinking - the Libyan soldiers working with the four-man SAS team were supposed to take out the car but they panicked and fired their weapons too quickly, missing the target.

It was at that moment that the sniper intervened with his .338 Lapua Magnum rifle. He fired two shots to gauge the distance of the car before the third struck home.

'He was with the team advising the Libyans who were meant to be doing the ambush. He had little time to act,' the source added.

The shooting happened last month while members of the Hereford-based SAS were assisting the fight against ISIS in Libya, Daily Mail reported.



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