VIDEO: Aid Convoy Reached Besieged City of Waer in Homs Neighbourhood

Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:00:28

A UN World Food Program (WFP) convoy reached a besieged neighborhood in the Syrian city of Homs on Thursday (June 16), said the United Nations.

"Thank God convoys entered today after a harsh four-month siege," said a resident.

"We hope that the street will be completely open so that we can buy the items we want. Items have just entered but later it will stop, and then we will be back to the same situation."

"The convoys that entered al Waer neighborhood are enough for 15 days meaning one to two weeks. We are able to buy and we are able to deal, so we want a solution. We do not want to have something delivered that is sufficient for 5, 10 days or two weeks. We want something constant at al Waer neighborhood," said another resident.

Syria's government allow convoy reach besieged City of Waer.

VIDEO: Aid Convoy Reached Besieged City of Waer in Homs Neighbourhood

UN humanitarian adviser Jan Egeland said on Thursday that aid to Syrian cities has made significant progress, with a 48-hour truce in the city of Aleppo and access to almost all besieged areas marking a potential turning point.

About 592,000 Syrians are living under siege and millions more need humanitarian assistance.
The U.N. says improved conditions on the ground will also help its efforts to broker a deal to stop the war and usher in a transitional government.

The UN hopes to get to the final two besieged areas that it has not reached, Arbin and Zamalka in rural Damascus, in the next few days, Egeland said.


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