Iraqi Forces Kill 232 Militants, Liberate 25% of Fallujah: Federal Police

Iraqi Forces Kill 232 Militants, Liberate 25% of Fallujah: Federal Police
Thu Jun 16, 2016 19:35:53

Iraqi forces has liberated 25 percent of Fallujah areas from the ISIS control during the last phase of the liberation operations, while pointed out to the killing of 232 Daesh members during the battles in Fallujah, the Federal Police Command announced on Thursday.

Federal Police Chief Raed Shaker Jawdat said, “The Federal Police troops managed during the last phase of Fallujah liberation operations to liberate 25 percent of the city,” pointing out that, “The liberated areas are so far al-Khadra, al-Resala, Jubail, Fallujah Dam, Residential Block, Nazim, al-Shuhada, Sewage station and Fallujah Gas Factory.”

“The Federal Police forces also managed to kill 194 ISIS members and 38 foreign snipers during these battles in addition to destroying 47 hostile targets, 26 booby-trapped vehicles, as well as detonating 270 IEDs, 13 booby-trapped houses and 16 anti-aircraft systems,” he also added, Iraqi News reported.


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