Syrian Army Captures Oil Pumping Station & power station in Raqqa

Syrian Army Captures Oil Pumping Station & power station in Raqqa
Sat Jun 11, 2016 13:30:52

The Syrian Army troops and National Defense Forces (NDF) have hit ISIL's positions around the region's oil and power facilities and have captured them after hours of heavy clashes.

The Syrian government forces won the battle against the ISIL in al Rasafeh triangle and captured oil pumping station and power station in this region.

The Syrian soldiers and NDF moved towards al-Rasafeh crossroad from Ithriya-Raqqa road.

The Syrian army men have cut off the ISIL communication lines in this region and are now hunting the remaining pockets of the Takfiri militants near al-Rasafeh.

Reports said earlier today that the Syrian Army troops, backed up by massive Russian air support, won another battle against the ISIL and entered the strategic al-Rasafeh triangle only 25 kilometers away form al-Tabaqa airbase in Western Raqqa.

The Syrian soldiers and navy commandoes launched a fresh round of joint offensives against the ISIL strongholds in al-Rasafeh desert from two directions of al-Nabaj and al-Harbiyat and entered al-Rasafeh triangle.

The government forces took full control over oil and gas well in al-Rasafeh region and captured Mafraq al-Rasafeh completely.

The ISIL left behind at least 45 dead or wounded members and fled the battlefield; FNA reported.


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