Syrian Forces Killed Manbij Emir & Senior ISIL Commander

Syrian Forces Killed Manbij Emir & Senior ISIL Commander
Fri Jun 10, 2016 18:46:49

In clashes with Syrian forces inside the city during today’s offensive the Emir of Manbij and a senior ISIL commander have been killed.

Pro-Kurdish media accounts reported that the ISIL Emir of Manbij, Usama al-Tunisi, was killed inside the city during today’s offensive.

Reports said on Wednesday that the Syrian forces inched closer to Manbij and they were very close to entering the town in Northern Aleppo province.

"The Kurdish-led Syrian forces are only six kilometers away from Manbij town," media sources said.

The Kurdish fighter seized back the village of Mushifra which is only six kilometer from Manbij.

Scores of ISIL militants have been killed or wounded in heavy clashes with the SDF. Meantime, the local sources announced that the ISIL has transferred its prisoners to the town of al-Bab in Eastern Aleppo from Manbij; FNA reported.


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