Footage Shows 5 US Helicopters Landing in ISIL-Held Salahuddin in Iraq

Fri Jun 10, 2016 12:03:58

The footage released by al-Etejah news channel affiliated to the Iraq Hezbollah shows 5 US helicopters landed in the ISIL-controlled areas in al Mashak village behind al Makhoul mountains.

Hezbollah's information center said that the helicopters landed in the region on April 4 after which the ISIL launched a large offensive against the Iraqi forces deployed in al-Makhoul mountains but the attack was foiled by the army, FNA reports.

Al-Etejah had on the same date reported that unknown helicopters had landed in the region. The Iraqi Hezbollah later revealed that the helicopters belonged to the US army.

In a relevant development in the region last Sunday, the Iraqi army and Hezbollah resistance forces repelled an ISIL (Islamic Sate , ISIS , IS and Daesh) attack on their military positions in al-Makhoul mountains, killing over two dozen terrorists.

A sum of 30 ISIL terrorists were killed while the army pushed them back from Al-Makhoul mountainous region located at a crossroad that links the three Iraqi provinces of Salahuddin(Saladin), Anbar and Diyala.

Tens of ISIL terrorists had tried to attack the Iraqi Hezbollah's military positions with heavy artillery.

Al-Makhoul mountains overlook the bordering areas of Iraq's Salahuddin province where the Iraqi Hezbollah resistance forces are closely monitoring the terrorists' movements.


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