Syrian Fighter Jets Pound ISIS Bases, Weapons, Vehicles in Raqqa

Syrian Fighter Jets Pound ISIS Bases, Weapons, Vehicles in Raqqa
Thu Jun 9, 2016 17:01:01

The Syrian warplanes launched several airstrikes on ISIS positions in the Northeastern province of Raqqa, killing dozens of terrorists and smashing their bases, arms and military vehicles, a source said on Thursday.

"The Syrian air force destroyed the ISIS vehicles and strongholds near al-Rasafah, 40km away from Raqqa city," a military source said.

The source added that tens of ISIS vehicles, some of them armored and equipped with machine guns, were destroyed and tens of militants were killed in the attack.

Also, the Syrian fighter jets destroyed two ISIS bases in the Western parts of al-Rasafah which hosted a large number of weapons, ammunitions and military vehicles equipped with machine guns, killing several ISIS members and injuring tens of others, the source said.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Syrian and Russian fighter jets, in several joint and separate combat flights, targeted the ISIS positions and military columns in different parts of the Northeastern province of Raqqa and inflicted major losses on the militants.

The Russian warplanes struck two convoys of the ISIS military and logistic vehicles near the town of Abu Qabi'a South of Raqqa, which ended in the killing of several militants and destruction of their vehicles.

The ISIS positions in al-Jabari region and in surroundings of al-Tabaqa airbase came under the joint bombardments of the Russian and Syrian fighter jets.

In the meantime, the Syrian air force carried out several sorties targeting gatherings and fortified positions of the ISIS near the town of al-Resafah, which claimed the lives of several militants and destroyed a number of the group's machinegun-equipped vehicles.

Also reports said yesterday that a long convoy of ISIS fuel tankers moving in the Southwestern roads of Raqqa province was targeted by the Russian fighter jets.

The Russian air fleets tracked and targeted the ISIS several-tanker convoy on a road near the town of al-Mansourah, in which most of the tankers were set ablaze.

In the meantime, several ISIS members were killed or wounded in the bombardments, FNA reported.

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