VIDEO: Stranded Dolphin Helped by Man Shockingly Turns Out to Be a Huge SHARK!

Tue Jun 7, 2016 18:10:01

The man was left shocked when he realised what creature he was actually dealing with.

A holidaymaker was trying to do a good deed when he spotted what he believed to be a shark stuck in shallow waters.

Rushing to its rescue, he and another man wrapped a t-shirt around its tail and pulled it into the safety of deeper water.

But shockingly, the creature was actually a 12ft shark.

Nicolas Andre, from Durham, said: “I’ve never seen a shark that close – let alone touched one in my whole life.”

He added: “It was an incredible feeling to actually feel the strength and weight of the animal.”

The 49-year old explained that he was walking with his wife Ann, 57, on the coastal path between Kynance Cove and Lizard Point in Cornwall.

They both spotted a couple wrestling with what appeared to be a dolphin’s tail.

Nicolas said: “The beach had no access, but I legged it down the hill anyway.”,watch the video for more, Express reported.


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