Iraq’s PM Al-Abadi Promises Legal Action against TV Networks Supporting ISIS

Iraq’s PM Al-Abadi Promises Legal Action against TV Networks Supporting ISIS
Sun Jun 5, 2016 15:37:45

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has vowed punitive legal action against television networks that disseminate erroneous and misleading reports in support of the ISIS (Daesh) terror group.

Addressing the nation in a live broadcast late on Saturday, Abadi offered a fierce criticism of satellite television channels promoting ISIS and evoking sympathy for the Takfiri terrorists.

He said Iraq would seek harsh punishment against them at an international court of law.

Abadi said some dormant “propaganda” cells have started propping up ISIS ever since the operation to liberate the western city of Fallujah got underway on May 23.

These satellite channels, some of them based in Iraq, support ISIS, the premier said, warning that false reporting will cost the loss of civilian lives.

The warning comes amid a government offensive to retake Fallujah in preparation for the recapture of Iraq's second city of Mosul from ISIS.

Ahmed Mansour, an Egyptian journalist and television host on Qatar-based state-funded broadcaster Al Jazeera

Saudi-funded Al Arabiya and Qatar's Al Jazeera often file disparaging reports about Iraq's military offensives.

Last Tuesday, the Iraqi prime minister’s office called on some Arab-language media outlets to refrain from pursuing a policy of sedition and publishing distorted images and news stories.

Writing on his Facebook page, Egyptian journalist, television presenter and interviewer on Al Jazeera Ahmed Mansour recently wished ISIS success in its battle against Iraqi government troops.

Mansour, labeling the terrorists as “courageous Fallujah residents,” wrote that the extremists would eventually prevail over Iraqi forces.

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