Unbelievable VIDEO: George Bush Frenzy against Muhammad Ali

Sat Jun 4, 2016 19:52:09

In a presidential ceremony taken place at the White House in 2001, world boxing legend Muhammad Ali put the former US president George Bush in an embarrassing situation by addressing him as crazy.

Bush whispered something in the heavyweight champion's ear. Then, as if to say "bring it on," the president put up his dukes in a mock challenge.

Ali, 63, who has Parkinson's disease and moves slowly, looked the president in the eye and, finger to head, did the "crazy" twirl for a couple of seconds, putting Bush in an embarrassing situation. The room of about 200, including Cabinet secretaries, tittered with laughter. Ali, who was then escorted back to his chair, made the twirl again while sitting down.

Then, George Bush looked visibly taken aback, laughing nervously.

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, one of the world's greatest sporting figures, died late on Friday (June 3, 2016) at the age of 74 in the US city of Phoenix, Arizona.


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