VIDEO: 40 People Rescued from Deep Water in Central China’s Wuhan City

Thu Jun 2, 2016 17:43:02

More than 40 people and dozens of cars were stranded in one-meter deep water of a 200-meter long road caused by rainstorm on Wednesday in Wuhan City, central China’s Hubei Province.

The firefighters of Liufang squadron of the public security fire detachment of Wuhan City came immediately after receiving the report and rescued all stranded people.

The squadron dispatched an emergency tender and five firefighters to the spot.

One firefighter who is good at swimming was sent to the water to check and the rest consoled stranded people at the same time.

After they planed the rescue route, firefighters got on life jackets and reached the middle of the road with two safety ropes.

They firstly found that several pregnant women and kids were stranded in cars which were partly submerged in the water.

The commander commanded tall and strong firefighters to move them by holding them in the arms.

The rest stranded people lining up waded in the water by holding the rope tightly.

Other firefighters led them in the front, protected them by standing on two sides and explored water.

Hypothermia resulted from the rains and deep water made some people panic during the process of rescue.

To comfort them, firefighters kept exchanging talks with them and effectively had them in smooth mood.

The rescue action last one hour and moved all stranded people to a safe place.

S/SH 11

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