Nusra Front Attacks Repelled by Syrian Forces in Aleppo

Nusra Front Attacks Repelled by Syrian Forces in Aleppo
Wed Jun 1, 2016 17:56:53

The Syrian forces and militia continue repelling Nusra Front extremist group's attacks on a village in the Syrian northern Aleppo province, the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation said.

According to the statement, the extremists keep on attempting to undermine the ceasefire.

"Nusra Front militants continue attacks on the positions of the Syrian armed forces units near the Handrat village in the Aleppo province. All attacks have been repulsed by the government forces and militia detachments," the center said in the Tuesday's bulletin.

The ceasefire in Syria worked out by Russia and the United States took effect on February 27. The cessation of hostilities does not apply to terrorist organizations, such as the ISIS and the Nusra Front, outlawed in a number of countries worldwide including Russia and the United States, Sputnik reported.


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