Peshmerga Demanding Greater International Support

VIDEO, 'End of Year Could Be End of ISIS If...': Top Peshmerga Commander Says

Wed Jun 1, 2016 14:32:40

A top commander, who is part of an elite Peshmerga military force of Iraqi Kurds, made the claims as footage emerged of the attacks on villages surrounding the ISIS-stronghold of Mosul.

ISIS could be wiped out by the end of the year, according to a top commander battling the terror group.

The Peshmerga fighter, who is part of the elite Zerevani unit of fighters, told Sky News the extremist group can be beaten - but only with further international support.

He claimed the terror group had recently suffered considerable setbacks on multiple fronts -but they were still a force to be reckoned with.

He made the claims as the Peshmerga military force of Iraqi Kurds were seen launching a significant attack near the ISIS stronghold of Mosul in the last few days.

The successful mission has seen the fighters retake a number of significant villages on the Nineveh Plain around Mosul.

Huge plumes of smoke can be seen as shots are fired into the first villages to be liberated.

ISIS responded with bombs and suicide bombers, but the Peshmerga, who were assisted by Special Forces from Canada, the UK and the US, managed to destroy them before they reached their advancing lines.

One fighter within the footage said the attack was helping them get closer to Mosul, which will be much harder to take as the city has a strong defence system and it is feared ISIS could use civilians as human shields.

Even though the Zerevani brigade is an elite fighting unit, its equipment is basic, and the commander said further international support would be needed to destroy the terror group by the end of the year, Mirror reported.


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