Iran’s Ambassador to Baghdad

No Fighter Has Entered Iraq from Iran: Official

No Fighter Has Entered Iraq from Iran: Official
Tue May 31, 2016 10:22:43

Iran’s ambassador to Iraq has said that from the view point of armed forces and the number of fighters Baghdad has no need to other countries; emphasizing that no fighter has been sent to Iraq from Iran.

According to Alalam News Network, Hassan Danayeefar, Iran’s ambassador in Baghdad, who attended “Min-Tehran” program congratulated Iraqi people and Iraqi forces and said that the army and Hashd al-Shaabi (popular mobalization forces) showed unique bravery and ability to achieve great victories in Iraq especially Fallujah.

The nature of Iran’s help to Iraq

Mr Danayeefar said that based on Iraqi government’s request from Islamic Republic after the fall of Mosul, Tehran helped Iraq in Different fields including training and organizing Iraqi forces. Besides, in the field of information Iran has helped Iraqi forces a lot. Iran has provided equipment that the republic of Iraq has asked during the last two years.

Iraq does not need armed forces from foreign countries

He added that the important point in this battle is the advisory help that some of the Iranian experts provide for Iraqi army and popular mobilization forces. I want to reiterate this point that from the view point of the number of fighters Iraq does not need other countries.

No fighter has entered Iraq from Iran

Iran’s ambassador added that no fighter has entered Iraq from Iran because there are enough forces in Iraq that can defeat Daesh (ISIS / ISIL) and worse than Daesh.

Reasons for some countries’ reactions to Iran’s help to Iraq

Danayeefar added that those who mention these remarks in the countries of the region are those who at time of Iraqi people fight against Saddam in the last 30 years did not allow even one of the opponents of Saddam to house in their countries, or train them or sympathize with them mentally. These countries who have had this point of view to Iraqi society have begun to make noise especially today that the brave youth are attempting to purge Daesh elements without the help of foreigners especially in Fallujah that is near the capital. This has got especial meaning from Military and strategic point of view.

The media conspiracy of some countries before Fallujah Operation

He said that it is interesting that before Fallujah operation begins, this type of media conspiracy and this type of remarks and media behavior emerged from them. It is very regrettable that these countries show reaction in this way while Iraqi people want to liberate some parts of their country from Daesh by their own will.

We will help until when Iraq requests

He added that for fighting Daesh and for fighting the remains of Ba’ath Party we will help Iraqi government and Iraqi people until when they request. Of course as I mentioned we provide information help, advisory help, and logistical help based on their request because Iraq has enough force and organization to rely on in their fight against Daesh and terrorism.

The positive influence of Iraqi Army victory and Hashd al-Shaabi (popular mobalization forces)

Danayeefar added that these victories promise constructive and positive influence on Iraq domestic society and alleviate the pains of Iraqi society.

He reiterated that Two years ago Daesh entered Iraq with the purpose of demolishing the current political structure of this country but thanks to Fitwa of religious authority and the on time presence of Iraqi youth and the organizational and mental reconstruction of Iraqi Army that prevented Daesh from more advancement as well as recapturing the areas that were under Daesh occupation.


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