Most Young Arab People Concerned about ISIS: Poll

Most Young Arab People Concerned about ISIS: Poll
Thu May 26, 2016 20:26:07

A large majority of Arab youths are very concerned about the rise of Daesh (ISIS / ISIL / Islamic State) terrorist group, a recent poll shows.

Findings from a recent survey conducted by the Emirati-based ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller show that 77 percent of Arab youths view the rise of ISIS as very concerning.

Meanwhile, 22 percent of participants said they were not very concerned. Only one percent said they had no idea.

Arab youths' degree of concern about rise of Daesh

The interviewees expressed their views in response to the question “How concerned would you say you are about the rise of ISIS?”

In response to another question about the probability of Arab youths’ support for ISIS, a majority of 78 percent said they would not support the group.

Probability of Arab youth's support for Daesh

Some 13 percent said they would throw their support behind the group while nine percent said they had no idea.

When asked about the top challenge faced by the Middle East, half of the respondents said the rise of ISIS was the biggest problem while 38 percent viewed the threat of terrorism as the biggest challenge. Other factors, including unemployment, were also named as major woes in the Middle East region.

The majority of the participants also said ISIS could not establish a so-called caliphate (rule) in the Arab world while 15 percent said yes and nine percent said it would fail to do so.

ISIS Takfiri terrorist group controls parts of land in both Iraq and Syria, where it continues to carry out heinous crimes against all religious and ethnic groups.

Both the Syrian and Iraqi armies backed by volunteer forces have managed to purge several areas of the terrorist group, which is supported by certain regional governments, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar.

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