2500$ Price of Freedom from Daesh in Fallujah; 100 Iraqi Families Escaped

2500$ Price of Freedom from Daesh in Fallujah; 100 Iraqi Families Escaped
Wed May 25, 2016 18:49:23

Islamic State terrorist group had set the extorted money at $5,000 in the beginning, but the terrorist group reduced it by half to $2,500 as the Iraqi joint forces made considerable advances towards Fallujah city.

"Each citizen of Fallujah has to pay $2,500 in extorted money to ISIL in order to be allowed to safely exit the city," the Arabic-language media outlets quoted Iraqi provincial sources as saying.

Today ISIS execution squads have appeared on the streets of Fallujah, with orders to kill anybody trying to flee or surrender as Iraqi government forces advancing in the Terrorist Stronghold.

The ISIL uses those residents that stay in Fallujah as human shields, preventing them from leaving the city freely.

The Takfiri terrorist group has also threatened that any of its members that would cooperate with Hashd al Shaabi will be executed.

Yet over 100 Iraqi families escaped from al-Nassaf and al-Hassi regions by the help of Shia Fighters through corridor to the West and South of Fallujah city which are under Hashd Al Shabi protection.

He reiterated that the Iraqi citizens were transferred by the Iraqi security forces to Fallujah refugee camps in Ameriya and Khalediya regions.

On Tuesday morning, the Iraqi security and volunteer forces managed to fully liberate al-Karama town located 13 kilometers to the East of Fallujah.

Iraqi forces clears areas around Fallujah after launching an assault to retake the city, tightening their siege on Islamic State group terrorists.

In the latest development, Iraqi forces pushed towards Islamic State group bastion Fallujah on Wednesday from areas to the south as part of operations to retake the city from terrorists.


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