VIDEO: Syrian Helicopters, Fighter Jets Smash ISIS Positions in Deir Ezzor

Sun May 22, 2016 19:06:11

The Syrian helicopters and fighter jets carried out two separate rounds of combat flights over ISIS strongholds near the Eastern city of Deir Ezzor and inflicted heavy casualties on the terrorists.

The ISIS strongholds near the strategic Deir Ezzor airbase and Southwestern countryside of the city came under massive bombardments of the Syrian army’s aircraft, in which not only scores of the ISIS terrorists were killed or wounded but the group's armored vehicles were destroyed in large scale.

In relevant developments in the province on Saturday, the Syrian military forces fended off the ISIS attacks on the government forces' strongholds in the Eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, forcing the terrorists to retreat from the battlefield.

The Syrian soldiers' strong defense did not allow the ISIS to advance and penetrate into the government forces' position near the village of al-Jafreh.

At least four members of the ISIS were killed and several more were wounded in the failed attack.

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