Killing US Business Leaders, Latest al-Qaeda Inscription for “Lone Wolf Jihadis”

Killing US Business Leaders, Latest al-Qaeda Inscription for “Lone Wolf Jihadis”
Mon May 16, 2016 19:07:16

Al Qaeda is encouraging lone wolf terrorist to kill American business leaders and entrepreneurs in a bid to dent the country's economy. Microsoft founder Bill Gates was among those pictured in the article.The latest issue of Inspire, the terrorist group's propaganda magazine, focuses on 'assassination'.

These people included the 'intelligentsia, economic and influential personalities of America', the article stated. 'The lifeline of big countries is its economy, and the economy is based upon the economic institutions and companies that hold it up.

'And these institutions and companies are led by groups of individuals, thus being the cream and essential unit of the economy. These easy targets bring about great results, Daily Mail Rreports.

'Imagine every CEO, BOD's and company owner feel threatened in America, imagine them not knowing who will be next to be targeted by the “Mujaheddin”.

'This will bring about a dent in the America economy, sending ripples to all policy makers and policies in the US.'

"The magazine goes on to provide a layman's guide to assassinations, describing methods one could use to track down the target to their home."

It tells “jihadis” to practice their shooting in gun clubs, while suggests using drones fitted with cameras to monitor areas which cannot be seen at ground level.

The author continues: 'The cost to the American economy, in all aspects, will be unspeakable.

'Yet these targets are easy to reach and available to anyone who wants to target the economy, keeping in mind that most of the capital and hand that feeds the American war machine fighting Muslims, comes from these personalities.'


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