Syrian Army Repels ISIL Attacks North of Homs-Palmyra Highway

Syrian Army Repels ISIL Attacks North of Homs-Palmyra Highway
Sat May 14, 2016 14:13:33

The ISIL terrorists, for the second day in a row, stormed the government forces' strongholds near Tiyas airbase (T4), but the strong defense of the Syrian Army troops forced them to retreat from the battlefield.

The Syrian soldier, further in a rapid counter-attack, captured more position in the Northern side of the airbase, which also inflicted major casualties on the terrorists.

In relevant developments in the Central province on Friday, the Syrian military forces, backed up by the Russian fighter jets, hit badly the ISIL concentration centers and gatherings in the Eastern part of Homs and drove the terrorists back from more territories in the Northern side of Homs-Palmyra highway.

The Syrian soldiers, in a coordinated operation with the Russian air force, pushed back ISIL terrorists from the territories in the Northwestern side of Tiyas airbase, which ended in the killing or wounding of scores of the terrorists.

The Syrian government forces' advances ended the ISIL shelling of Tiyas airbase (T4); FNA rported.


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