Neighborhoods in Aleppo, Villages in Hama, Towns in Idleb Targeted by Terrorists

Neighborhoods in Aleppo, Villages in Hama, Towns in Idleb Targeted by Terrorists
Sun May 8, 2016 15:52:02

Terrorist groups violated the truce in Aleppo by firing scores of rocket shells on a number of residential neighborhoods in different areas in Aleppo on Saturday.

A source at Aleppo Police Command told media that the terrorist groups targeted on Saturday afternoon al-Zahraa, Maysaloun, al-Ramouseh, al-Izaa and Benyameen neighborhoods with scores of rocket shells, injuring a civilian and causing material damage to public and private properties.

On Friday, the truce was extended in Aleppo city and the northern countryside of Lattakia for 72 hours starting from 1:00 o’clock on Saturday May 7.

The cessation of hostilities does not include ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations listed on the international terrorism list.

Meanwhile in Hama, terrorist groups targeted Ain al-Kroum and Nahr al-Bared villages in al-Ghab Plain in the north western countryside of the province.

A source at Hama Police Command said in a statement to SANA that 10 rocket shells fell on Ain al-Kroum and Nahr al-Bared villages 45 kilometers to the north west of Hama, causing material damage to private and public properties.

On May 2nd, terrorist groups targeted Ain al-Kroum village with six rocket shells injuring three civilians and causing material damage to locals’ properties.

Earlier in the day, terrorists of the so-called Jaish al- Fateh fired mortar and rocket shells on the besieged towns of Kafaraya and al-Fou’a to the north of Idleb city causing material damage.

Local sources from inside said that terrorist organizations besieging the towns fired from Bennish town a number of rocket and mortar shells, causing material damages only to houses and public and private properties.

Later, in Hasaka province, one civilian was killed and three children when injured when two landmines left behind by ISIS exploded in the southern countryside of the province.

A source at the Hasaka Police Command told media that one civilian was killed in al-Hadaja village in the province’s southern countryside when a landmine left behind in the village by ISIS went off.

The source added that three children, all of them siblings, were injured by the explosion of another landmine left behind by ISIS terrorists in al-Hamra village in the southern countryside, SANA reported.


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