EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 86 Killed and Wounded in Terrorist Attacks on Syria’s Aleppo

Wed May 4, 2016 09:36:43

16 civilians were killed on Tuesday and 68 were injured according to the most recent toll due to terrorist attacks with rocket shells on residential neighborhoods and a hospital in Aleppo City, Syria official news agency SANA’s correspondent reported.

Terrorists fired at least 65 rocket shells on the neighborhoods of al-Neel Street, al-Siryian, al-Khalidyia, al-Mocambo, al-Sabeel and the surroundings of al-Rahman mosque leaving 11 civilians killed and 37 injured.

Terrorist attacks caused a huge material damage to the houses and proprieties of the civilians and to the infrastructure in the targeted neighborhoods.

A source at Aleppo Health Directorate said that most of the wounded civilians are children and women and their injuries are severe as the number of the killed civilians might increase.

Later, SANA’s correspondent in Aleppo reported that 3 women were killed, 17 other women and children were wounded, and extensive material damage was caused by terrorist organizations’ attacks on al-Dhabeet Hospital in al-Mouhafaza neighborhood, and a few hours after that the correspondent stated that the death toll rose to 18 and the number of injured people rose to 68.

VIDEO: 86 Killed and Wounded in Terrorist Attacks on Aleppo

Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front)and terrorist groups affiliated to it stills fired scores of rocket shells at the neighborhoods of al-Midan, al-Furqan, Nile Street, al-Mukambo, al-Khalidiye, Jami’et al-Zahra’a, al-Ameriye, al-Ramousa, al-Masharqa, al-Muhafaza, al-Meridian, al-Serian, al-Sabeel, and al-Jamiliye in Aleppo city.

Meanwhile, three civilians were injured in a terrorist rocket attack on al-Zahra town in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

Terrorists fired several rocket shells on residential areas, injuring 3 people, one of them a woman, and causing material damage to citizens’ homes and properties.


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