Yazidi Sex Slave Escapes and Reveals Secrets of Being Kidnapped by 'NEW Jihadi John'

Yazidi Sex Slave Escapes and Reveals Secrets of Being Kidnapped by 'NEW Jihadi John'
Tue May 3, 2016 18:09:06

A Yazidi teenager who was held as a sex slave by the depraved ISIS says she was kidnapped and trafficked by the British man dubbed the “new Jihadi John”.

Nihad Barakat revealed the warped ISIS executioner Siddhartha Dhar is now one of the most senior commanders among foreign fighters in Mosul, ISIS Iraqi stronghold.

Dhar, a former bouncy castle salesman, has been touted as the new Jihadi John after appearing in a vile ISIS propaganda video earlier this year.

The 34-year-old, who was arrested six times for terrorism-related offences, reportedly used Government hand-outs to fund his trip to Syria.

Ms Barakat says he has since taken a number of Yazidi sex slaves for himself.

She said he played a key role in the capture and trafficking that led to her becoming pregnant with another evil fighter’s child.

The young woman recalled her terrifying ordeal after she was captured at the age of 16 alongside 27 members of her family following the fall of Sinjar in Iraq two years ago.

In March, she bravely spoke out after she was raped, beaten and forced to marry a fighter in war-torn Syria before she eventually escaped.

However she was recaptured and raped in a horrifying attack, which left her pregnant. Now she has appeared in a new British television series to name the evil fighters who enslaved her.

She says she was forced to marry the notorious Australian extremist Abdul Salam Mahmoud - only a month and a half before he was killed in Syria.

She said: “The ISIS leaders told us we had to obey them or we will be killed."

Ms Baraka told how they were separated into groups of men, married woman and single women - whom were taken to Mosul and raped.

She finally seized the opportunity to flee after Mahmoud was killed - but the evil terrorists caught up with her in Kirkuk as she tried to make contact with her family members.

She said: “When I was captured near Kirkuk, they took me to another leader from Mosul. His name was Abu Dhar.

"He also took Yazidi girls for himself. Every day he would tell me that I had to marry another man.”

Ms Baraka is now working to raise awareness with the British-based AMAR foundation, which runs facilities at the Khanke refugee camp in northern Iraq where she lives with her parents and siblings.

Two of her sisters and two brothers are still held captive by the evil terror group, Express reported.


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