Daesh Executes Iraq’s Mosul Civilians for Not Joining Terrorist Group

Daesh Executes Iraq’s Mosul Civilians for Not Joining Terrorist Group
Tue May 3, 2016 17:53:18

Informed sources in Iraq’s Nineveh province announced that the Daesh (ISIL / ISIS) has executed over a dozen citizens of Mosul who had refrained from cooperating with the Takfiri terrorist group in killing the country's security forces.

"A sum of 17 residents of Mosul who did not join the ISIL and disagreed with killing the Iraqi security forces were shot dead," the Arabic-language media outlets quoted an unnamed informed source in Mosul city as saying.

The source also mentioned that the Mosul residents were executed in an ISIL military base in Mosul.

In a relevant development in late April, an Iraqi journalist disclosed that popular uprisings against the ISIL were on the rise in Mosul after the recent advances of the Iraqi army in Anbar province.

"The residents of Aden region in Eastern Mosul attacked and killed an ISIL militant as he wanted to sexually assault a woman in the area," the Arabic-language Ara News quoted an Iraqi journalist Rafat al-Zarari as saying.

He noted that when the ISIL militant tried to attack the woman, people poured to the street and grabbed him and stabbed him to death.

"The ISIL terrorists did not take any action against the assailants fearing people's uprising," al-Zarari added.

Meantime, informed sources in Nineveh province disclosed that the residents of Mosul had formed armed groups against the ISIL, and for the same reason the Takfiri terrorists were fearing the start of a popular uprising there.

"The ISIL has arrested 27 residents of Mosul city after it received intelligence tips about the formation of armed groups against them," the Arabic-language media quoted an informed source as saying in Nineveh.

The Iraqi popular forces have set up night patrols to kill the ISIL terrorists in Mosul city, FNA reported.

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