Hilarious VIDEO: What Will Obama Do When He Leaves White House?

Mon May 2, 2016 21:49:11

The US president Barack Obama is set to leave the White House at the end of the year and speculation is mounting about what he will do when he leaves office.

And at his final White House Correspondents' Dinner the US leader poked fun at his future plans with a spoof video, where he described himself as going from 'Commander-in-Chief' to 'Couch Commander', according to Daily Mail.

During his speech at Saturday night's dinner, Obama alluded to life after the White House and asked guests to watch a clip on the big screens.

It started showing Obama in the Oval Office watching TV reports saying he would be staying in Washington D.C for two years after his presidency with MSNBC's Chuck Todd calling him a 'couch commander'.

Then he visits his Vice President Joe Biden, Obama tells him he can't play golf every day, so Biden suggests he goes and gets his driving license or volunteers to coach a sports team.

However, when he calls the Washington Wizards to offer his services, saying he coached his daughter's team on a few occasions, he is cut off.

Next when he goes to the Department of Motor Vehicles to register for his driving license, he is met with difficulty.

Finally, Obama is seen sitting in a cinema watching Toy Story with retired house speaker and outspoken rival John Boehner.

Boehner tells Obama the best thing he can do after leaving office is to relax.

However, the question that arises: Is Obama actually will fail to get a job after leaving the White House?


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