Following bombs in the city that have killed 14 people on Monday

VIDEO: High Security for Shiite Muslim Pilgrimage of Imam Moussa al-Kadhim

Mon May 2, 2016 17:43:14

Security remains tight in Baghdad around the Shiite Muslim pilgrimage of Imam Moussa Al Kadhim, following bombs in the city that have killed 14 people on Monday.

Hundreds of thousands of Shiite pilgrims from around Iraq headed to the holy Shrine of Imam Moussa al-Kadhim on Monday, to commemorate the upcoming anniversary of the Martyrdom of one of the 12 Shiite saint Imams.

The climax of the commemorations will be on Tuesday and pilgrims traditionally walk to the twin-domed shrine in the northern Baghdad neighbourhood of Kazimiyah, where the revered saint is buried.

Meanwhile, Iraqi forces have tightened security measures and many roads were closed in a bid to prevent attacks that might target the Shiite pilgrims.

Imam Kadhim Martyred in 799 AD and the shrine is the capital's most important site for Shiites.

Abdel-Hussein Ali, Shiite pilgrim: ''We are heading to the holy shrine of Imam Moussa al-Kadhim to commemorate his Martyrdom anniversary. The security troops are providing security and stability to pilgrims. Food and water are available.''

Mohammed Mutashar, another Shiite pilgrim: ''Thanks to God, our security troops are in full control of the security situation. Everything is available for pilgrims who come from all over the country including Baghdad.''


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