President Park's Visit to Iran New Chapter in Tehran-Seoul Ties

President Park's Visit to Iran New Chapter in Tehran-Seoul Ties
Mon May 2, 2016 10:22:22

President Park Geun-hye’s upcoming visit to Iran, the first by a South Korean president in many decades, is a sign of political will of Seoul for boosting bilateral ties with Tehran.

According to the reports, President Park's visit, which is slated for May 1-3, is aimed at finalizing the roadmap for expansion of comprehensive strategic partnership between Tehran and Seoul.

Commenting on President Park's visit to Tehran, Iran’s Ambassador in Seoul Hassan Taherian has recently described it as a 'good opportunity' to promote overall cooperation and economic exchanges between the two countries.

'South Korea really needs new markets to bring a new life to its economy,' said the ambassador adding that Iran's growing market and its high potential, on the other hand, is considered as an opportunity for the Koreans too.

New chapter in Tehran-Seoul ties

President Park's visit to Iran can open a new chapter in Tehran-Seoul relations after years of decline in relations.

Since South Korea has the fourth-largest economy in Asia, the visit can impact the regional equations at the interest of Tehran and Seoul.

The two Asian states had high level economic cooperation before the 2012 imposed sanctions and South Korea was Iran's fourth major trade partner until 2012.

Despite the fact that sanctions did not result in cut of Iran-South Korea relations but the two states missed lots of opportunities.

South Korean president's visit to Iran in the post-sanctions era can help revival of ties between the two states including Iran's oil export to the energy thirsty country; IRNA reported.


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