Police Disperse Istanbul May Day Protesters with Tear Gas While Almost 25,000 Police on Duty + VIDEO

Sun May 1, 2016 17:09:06

One man has been killed as protesters in Turkey’s Istanbul tried to reach Taksim Square. Police used tear gas and water cannons against the demonstrators.

The man has died after being hit by a water cannon vehicle as he tried to reach the square. A 57-year-old Nail Mavus was run over as he was trying to reach the square, according to Haberturk.

Massive police presence was out in force in Istanbul to prevent protesters from reaching Taksim Square, which was off limits to members of the public.

The people wanted to celebrate International Workers Day at Taksim Square as it has been a symbolic venue for protests recently. The Turkish security forces had almost 25,000 police on duty Sunday. Numerous roads were also closed to prevent clashes between law enforcement officers and demonstrators.

Meanwhile, International Workers' Day celebrations were cancelled in the southern province of Adana due to intel regarding a possible suicide attack, Sputnik reported.


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